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Our newest mobile version has been released on the App store and we’ve added new features. Answering calls without unlocking the phone- You can now answer your Fongo number without unlocking the screen. To start using this feature make sure you, Have launched the new app once Allow notifications Are […]

iOS 3.9 Update Features

Make sure you are updated Sometimes to speed up your connection all you need is an update, this can include either your routers or your wireless card from your computer or device. To update your router will really just depend on your device type, just a simple google search and […]

Simple Wi-Fi Tips To Improve Your Home Internet

Airplane Mode When travelling this mode will be your best friend. This will disable all connections such as Data, Wi-fi, and Bluetooth. Saving both your battery life and your data. *If you have a travel plan that gives you a certain amount of data you can also check our Data saving […]

Tips For Traveling With Your Phone

Making the switch to Fongo Home phone really is easy. To start you just have to visit our website and sign up and you can start saving in no time. You can sign up here  

How easy it is to switch and save with Fongo ...

With the great success of our recent referral program with the Fongo Home Phone. We at Fongo decided instead of ending the promotion we would just extend it and on top of that make it better. Now with our referral program when you refer one person, you will now receive THREE […]

Updated Home Phone Referral Program

These days your phones contain everything and we rely on them pretty heavily for our day to day tasks (at least I know that I do). We all hope that we don’t lose them and all the valuable information on them. But, it does seem to happen and that’s why I […]

Backing Up Your Phone

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Smartphones are great but they are not always cheap. And that isn’t just the phone itself but the plans that come along with it. Although Fongo will still help you save by enabling you to cancel your voice plan, there is still the data part. This blog will touch base […]

Data Saving Tips

At Fongo we are all about helping you save money, and that is why I have compiled a list of the top price comparison apps that I can find. Stop paying more than the lowest available price. With these apps you will be able to compile the costs at other […]

Top Price Comparison Apps

24 Sep 2011 --- iPhone mobile telephone charging via USB --- Image by © Nano Calvo/Corbis
Today in the office we got talking about our phones and the battery life that comes with them, and it became apparent that some people just are not getting through enough of their day with their phone. So I figured I would look more into it and how to get […]

Save Battery Life On Your Smartphone

Being organized isn’t easy, I for one am one of those people who I must admit is not organized. However these apps have made an impact and certianly help me organize my life whether it be work,school or family. They all help you balance everything. Some of these apps helped […]

Apps for Organizing Your Life